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How to staff your Internal Communications Team

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Internal Comms design is more than just generic emails and fancy graphics. Look for vendors/partners/candidates who understand this.

What goes into an impactful internal communications campaign

The iceberg is a great analogy for what goes on in a communications campaign. What is seen above the surface is only a tiny part of the entire block of ice. Much of the iceberg is below the waterline and out of sight. It takes special skills and patience to dive deeper and make sense of the whole thing.

Internal communication is like this iceberg. What’s seen by everyone are the visible collaterals like email content, memes and probably a logo or motif that binds everything together. It’s seen in the templates used, the graphics and posters splashed on internal and external channels - both online and offline.

These artefacts are the visible part of the iceberg of Internal Communications.

What’s below the waterline is where the real ‘work’ happens. Here’s a graphic that covers some of these points that are not visible to the casual observer but very much define the success and impact of the communications programme. Think of these activities as the systems that help drive success.

The Iceberg Model and Vendor Selection

‘Build or Buy’ is a big decision organisations face today. These decisions have impacted whether organisations should look for vendors and partners to help them with their communications, whether building those skills within the organisation through existing talent or onboarding someone with these skills as a full-time employee makes the most sense.

Whatever the decision, the lower section of the iceberg (the area below the waterline) plays a significant role in successful outcomes. Companies must onboard people and teams who have successfully deployed these essential systems, which will help set everyone up for success.

Qonfidi - a trusted brand

Qonfidi has a simple mission - to help our clients cut through the clutter and create impactful programmes that leapfrog their employee branding programmes.

We take that mission very seriously.

Our experience in handling end-to-end Internal Communications programmes that create unmatched employee experiences has taught us one invaluable lesson - we need to go deep and look at the programme through the eyes of the target audience.

We apply the Qonfidi Framework to all our assignments. The framework, in essence, asks the following questions: What is the client hoping to achieve? Why is the client embarking on this project? What are the desired results for the stakeholders? What should target audiences think, feel, say and do while engaging with this programme? We then frame our solutions to align with these (and many other) parameters.

If you have a vexing problem and need a partner to look at the big picture in detail, call us! We would love to work with you to achieve your business objectives.

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